Download Quicktime Player Los Elefantes
by Doug Shivers

music played by Mike McLeron

Download the MP3 version of this song.

This is one of my favorite songs that we sing in the classroom. When we sing the first verse one child comes up and dances as if he/she were on a spider web, moving their arms and swaying back and forth. With the next verse another child joins the first, so that by the end we have five children dancing on a spider web. The children are all eager to come up and participate. You could give the lesson an extra bit of fun by putting a fishing net up on the wall next to where the children are dancing. This song is found on José Luis Orozco's CD "De Colores". The book also has the words and the written music.

I have set up an animated set of web pages that the children can view on the computer while they listen to the song by themselves or with a few friends. This will get them inspired for the whole-class singing! If you don't want your children to use the internet, just download these pages to your computer and show them locally with Netscape or another browser. You could tape the song and have them play it as they watch the computer presentation. For those that are starting to read, they could follow the words and click the mouse at the right time to move to the next page.

You will need Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher or Netscape 4.0 or higher to see the spider web. Otherwise, the elephants will dance in the air.

Enjoy the show! Just follow the yellow arrows to proceed to the next page. la próxima página

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