Musical Spanish

Musical Spanish (includes music CD/interactive CD-Rom)

by Stacey Tipton

This is quite an amazing new approach to teaching Spanish. It includes a 112 page book with easy to understand lessons on different grammatical points, vocabulary, and correct pronunciation. The thing that makes this so revolutionary is that each lesson is accompanied by a song and an interactive graphic presentation that makes the lesson fun. Elementary age children will enjoy the songs and the moving graphics. Older children (even at the college level) will be able to improve their ability to understand spoken Spanish as well as different areas of grammar. The book makes everything much easier to absorb. The CD ROM makes use of your internet browser, Acrobat Reader, and Flash 5. All of these programs are available for free download over the internet, if you do not have them already. Another CD contains all of the songs so that you can play them for your class for easy sing-a-long. It's quite exciting! Hopefully the author will continue to produce more of these innovative books and CD's for learning Spanish.

Listen to this mp3 introduction to the musical program.

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