por Kharla Oviedo


As you chant the poem or sing the song, you move the fingers of your hands. In the song, all of the fingers greet the thumb. They touch "Señor Pulgar", the thumb, and the fingers move as indicated in the song. When you say "Tengo una mano", you take out one hand and then the other, with the palms facing outward. The fingers play together, turn around, come together, give a clap, and hide. The two hands are together behind your back and then you clap 4 times. This activity should help the children with the concepts of space, up, down, hand-eye coordination, the names of the fingers, as well as many other things.

Buenos Días Señor Pulgar

Buenos Días Señor Pulgar

Buenos Días cómo está usted?

tengo una mano

tengo dos manos

juegan se juntan y se separan

una va arriba

la otra la alcanza

y luego bajan a descansar

luego se esconden

dónde estarán?

aquí aparecen

juntas están.

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