por Jorge Mazariegos

With a group of children you form a circle holding hands. One kid stands in the middle, while the other kids sing and walk arround the circle. After singing the little rhyme, they stop walking, and all the kids scream: "¿Cómo está la Ranita?" and the kid standing in the middle says: "Enferma", then the kids make a disappointing sound like "haaa" and start singing again while holding hands and walking around the circle. They sing the rhyme again, and when finished stop and repeat the question: "¿Cómo está la Ranita?" and the kid in the middle answers: "Con Calentura". The process is repeated, but the next time they asked "¿Cómo está la Ranita?" the answer is: "Con Fiebre", and finally the process is repeated one last time, but after the question, the kid in the middle screams: "ENGUSANADA!" Then all the kids take off running, and the kid in the middle has to touch or grab another kid. Once the other kid is tagged, he becomes the "Ranita" and has to stand in the middle and the game is played all over again.

Vamos a la huerta del toro toronjil,

a ver a la rana comiendo perejil.

La rana no está aquí estará en su vergel,

cortando una rosa o sembrando un clavel

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