Veloz como el grillo, por Audrey 

This beautifully illustrated book is published in Spain and is the Spanish translation of "Quick as a Cricket.". Each page has large welcoming pictures that will easily capture the attention of a group of children in a reading circle. Each page has one phrase, describing how the child is like a different animal. The Spanish version is especially useful because it teaches the difference between "ser" and "estar". The first sentence is

Soy veloz como el grillo,
lento como el caracol,
pequeño como la hormiga
y grande como la ballena.

This is followed with

Estoy triste como el basset
y feliz como la alondra.

This is a book that the children will keep coming back to after you put it on the bookshelf. You could even have the children act out the different animals and feelings as you read the book. I think you will enjoy having this in your classroom as much as I enjoy having it in mine.

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